Decent M365 Pro Display Upgrade for M365


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    The Decent M365 Pro Display Upgrade for M365 in detail

    A complete M365 Pro display panel upgrade for your Xiaomi M365 scooter.

    Set up guide:

    Removing your old display and installing the new one is a quick and simple process. If you have already set up a password for your scooter, please make sure you have this with you before you begin. 

    • To remove the old display, remove the 3 screws and disconnect the 4 wires. To connect the new display, simply reconnect the 4 new wires and reattach the screws.
    • When the display is secure, turn on the scooter. At this point the speedometer won't work and your display will show low battery. This is normal.
    • Open your Mi Home App and add new scooter. Search for Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro, not M365.
    • Add your scooter, connect it and upgrade to the Pro Firmware.

     Please note: Scooter is not included