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Decent One Electric Scooter - Grade C

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    Grade C : fully functional 30 day money back guarantee

    The Decent One Electric Scooter - Grade C in detail

    This is a Grade C product which has seen mild-significant use. These scooters are in a fully functional condition and may show signs of significant use including deep scratches to body work and considerable wear to the grip tape and other aspects of the scooter. May have missing parts to the aesthetic which do not play a role in the functionality of the scooter.  Includes a 14 day warranty. Please note that images will only be for reference and may not represent the true condition of the model.

    Decent deliver a quality experience at an affordable price. Their scooters are fully featured and include front and rear mudguards, mechanical brakes, lights, a bell, soft footplate and hand grips, sticky tyres, a thumb throttle and a bright LED display showing speed, mode and battery capacity.

    decent one electric scooter

    The IP54 rating makes them suitable for year-round use. At only 13kg, the Decent One is lighter than many competitor scooters. It can be folded down in seconds, carried in one hand and is compact enough to be stowed under a train seat, or in the boot of a small car.

    Decent one electric scooter folded

    Decent Performance

    In sport mode, the 350w front-mounted hub motor propels the scooter up to its top speed of 18.6mph in seconds. Load-dependant, it can cope with inclines as steep as 20%.

    decent one performance

    Three user selectable drive modes feature speed limits of 6mph, 9mph and 18.6mph can be combined with the scooters simple 'press and hold' cruise-control function, to aide you in relaxed cruising, or maximising the range from each battery. Further speed limits of 12.4mph and 15.5mph can be set within the menu system, as can enabling a standing-start feature, negating the kick-push required on many competitor models.

    Class-leading Comfort

    Want a smoother, more stable ride? When it comes to tyre size, Decent believe that bigger is better. The One and One Max are fitted with huge 10-inch diameter pneumatic tyres that soak up bumps and take the fatigue out of longer rides.

    decent one ride comfort

    Run at recommended pressures these tyres are puncture resistant and can be filled with sealant for peace-of-mind. Fitted with easily accessible 'car' type Schrader valves, they can easily be inflated without fiddly extra adaptors. Should a puncture occur, the tyres and inner-tubes are readily available and much simpler to fit than those found on competitors scooters.

    Removable Battery

    Want to extend your range? Can't get your scooter near a plug? Unlike the majority of competitors, you can remove the battery from a Decent One scooter in seconds, with no tools.

    decent one removable battery

    Charged in under three hours, these modular batteries allow you to have a spare charging (externally from the scooter, using the standard charger) and always ready to go. With a drop-in-fitting and upgraded capacities available, your range is only limited to how many you can carry.


    • 350w front-hub motor
    • User-removable battery
    • 3 Speed/drive modes
    • Bright LED display
    • Front hub motor brake
    • Mechanical rear disc brake
    • Emergency guard brake
    • LED head/brake-lighting
    • Rubber grips and deck
    • 10-inch pneumatic tyres
    • Cruise control feature
    • Wide 15cm footplate
    • Compact handlebars
    • Safe folding mechanism


    • 15.5mph max speed
    • 10 mile maximum range
    • Weighs 13kg
    • 2-3 hour charge time
    • 108x42x118cm unfolded
    • 108x42x46cm folded
    • 11cm ground clearance
    • 100kg max-payload
    • IP54 rated

    What's in the box:

    • Decent One Electric Scooter
    • Screw-on bar ends with grips
    • Charger and power lead