Decent X7 Electric Scooter with 10" Tyres - Grade B

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    Grade B : fully functional 30 day money back guarantee

    The Decent X7 Electric Scooter with 10" Tyres - Grade B in detail

    This is a Grade B product which has seen low to mild use. These scooters may have signs wear to the grip tape as well as marginal scratches to the body work. They will have only seen minimal use and are in full working order. Includes a 14 day warranty. Please note that images will only be for reference and may not represent the true condition of the model. 

    15.5MPH - Lightweight 13kg - Comfortable 10in Tyres - Removable Battery

    The X7 is an inexpensive, no-nonsense folding electric scooter. It does away with needless frills like metallic paint, coloured lights and focuses instead on real-world benefits with large tyres and a battery you can swap out in seconds. It is a decent quality scooter for people who enjoy riding.

    Riders stood over the Decent X7 scooter

    User-swappable battery

    Unlike other scooters, the battery on the X7 can be removed from the head tube in seconds, with no tools. Swap the stock 5Ah battery out for a 6.4Ah unit to expand your range, or throw a few of these inexpensive batteries into a backpack to extend its range further than any other scooter in our store! These lightweight, compact batteries can be charged in under 3 hours, externally from the scooter with the standard charger, meaning you can always have one topped up and ready to go.

    X7 battery being removed

    Paired back but not basic

    Opting to cut the fat, Decent have delivered a frill-free scooter that covers the basics, to a high standard. Fitted with large grippy tyres, simple throttle control, headlights, taillights and even cruise control, it is a joy to ride. It also retains the usual bright LED display showing essential information including current speed (in kph or mph) estimated battery capacity and current drive mode.

    A comfortable ride

    When it comes to tyres, bigger is definitely better. The fat 10inch tyres provide a plush ride, improving ride-comfort and reducing fatigue on longer journeys. This pneumatic setup uses the common schrader ‘car-type’ valve ensuring you can pump your tyres up everywhere.

    Decent X7 riding together

    The soft, deep sidewalls do a fantastic job of soaking up the bumps but also mean that the tyre can be easily removed and refitted without specialist tools, should they need to be replaced or a puncture occur. The large diameter tyres also grant the scooter excellent ground clearance for riding over rougher terrain.

    Solid, Safe Performance

    From a short push off, the X7 will hit 15.5mph in ‘sport’ mode and climb a 15 degree incline all thanks to its torquey 350w front hub motor. Tap the menu button and switch to Standard or Eco drive modes, offering lower top speeds ideal for cruising to maximise that 15 mile per-battery range.

    Decent X7 rear braking

    Alongside the braking force of the hub motor, the rear wheel features a powerful mechanical disc brake to quickly bring the scooter to a halt. Standing on the rear fender can further shorten braking distances in emergency situations. Mounted ahead of the metal brake lever is a small bell for announcing your presence, whilst the scooter also features an LED headlight plus an LED rear running light that flashes during braking.

    Reliable to ride and own

    Utilising a tried and tested clamp mechanism with minimal play, the X7 feels safe and sturdy. Compared with other scooters, it offers great rider confidence when paired with the grippy rubber footplate and handlebar. Fitted with mudguards it can even be ridden on wet surfaces. At 102cm from the deck, the scooters handlebars are perfectly positioned for comfortable use by adults.

    X7 Easy to carry

    Weighing just 13kg, it can be easily lifted, the majority of the mass in the oversize headtube that can be grasped to for carrying when folded. Collapsed down it measures just 108 x 42 x 46cm, compact dimensions that allow it to fit under a train seat, or stow in even the smallest of car boots. Tight on space? The grips can be easily unscrewed by hand, should you need to fit the scooter down the back of the sofa. Unfolded, the securing prong doubles up as a luggage hook for small bags.


    • Max speed - 25km/h
    • Max range - 25km
    • Charge time - 2-3 hours
    • Max rider weight - 100KG
    • Dimensions (Folded) - 1083 x 420 x 460 mm
    • Dimensions (unfolded) - 1083 x 420 x 1186 mm
    • Weight - 13KG
    • Tire size - 10inch
    • Max incline - 15 degrees
    • Battery capacity - 5Ah
    • Charge power - 67.2W

    In the Box

    • Scooter
    • Grips
    • Charger and power lead