InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle

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    The InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle in detail

    The V5F is one of one of Inmotion' cheaper models and the perfect electric unicycle for beginners. At just under 12kg, it's light weight makes it easier to learn on while still featuring an impressive 25km/h top speed and 35-40km max range.

    The V5F's 11.9KG total weight and 14 inch tyre make it very easy ride and practise your balance making it an especially good option for beginners. It's light weight also make it very easy to transport around and carry.

    The user can simply lean back and forth to move in the direction they want to go. The built in gyroscope and acceleration sensors allow easy balance and accurate, precise movement.

    The V5F features a front headlight and a rear tail light. A front headlight is perfect for journeys in the dark and can be activated by pushing the main power button or through the App.

    For it's price range, the Inmotion V5F features a very impressive max speed of 25kph. The 320Wh battery will allow a maximum range on one charge of 35-40km (Dry weather, flat land and a rider of ~90kg) and will take around 3.5 hours to fully charge. We would always recommend wearing a helmet and some padding when using transport such as this.

    The V5F does also feature an optional trolley handle. Unlike most high end E-unicycles it does not come pre attached, but it is included in the box and is easy to install.