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Xiaomi M365 Pro LITE Electric Scooter

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    The Xiaomi M365 Pro LITE Electric Scooter in detail

    The Xiaomi M365 Pro LITE is our custom combination of the widely popular M365 and the recent M365 Pro. While the LITE doesn't benefit from the larger battery and increased range, it does include the display panel which provides a selection of useful information and allows you to change riding modes while in use.

    Please note the included display panel does not come installed. Please follow the installation steps below.

    Lightweight and Folding Design

    The M365's 12.2KG total weight puts it under the average for an electric scooter of this type and making it much easier to carry should you need to. The main frame is made from aluminium meaning its light weight comes with no sacrifice to it's renowned extreme durability. It's 3-step folding design also comes in very handy should you need to transport your scooter in the back of a car or put it in a storage bag/box.

    Display Panel

    A display panel built into the handle bar system provides useful information and gives you control over the different riding modes (ECO, Standard and Sport). Information such as speed, battery life and much more can all be easily viewed from the control panel during your journey.

    High Power Battery

    30 lithium batteries help the Mi to run for up to 18.6 miles on a single charge. A full charge will take around 5 hours to complete. A dedicated app provides detailed info on the health of the battery and will alert you if any issues arise. The Mi Scooter also stores and converts kinetic energy during acceleration into power, meaning it will literally charge while in use.

    Dedicated App

    Here at Scooters Direct we use the "Mi Home" app to access the M365's features but there are several available to use. You can connect your smartphone to the app via bluetooth and from here you can view a range of stats including current speed, battery remaining and more. Features such as cruise control can also be activated though the app settings. Firmware updates keep your scooter up to date with the latest features and fault free.

    UK Stock with 2 Year Warranty

    Scooters Direct are an official UK based stockist of Xiaomi products. All of our products are UK based meaning no long shipping times, expensive shipping rates or import fees will occur like what you may encounter when buying from overseas. We offer a 2 year warranty on manufacturer faults, all of which are dealt with quickly and efficiently from our UK repair centre.

    Set Up Guide

    Removing your old display and installing the new one is a quick and simple process. If you have already set up a password for your scooter, please make sure you have this with you before you begin. 

    • To remove the old display, remove the 3 screws and disconnect the 4 wires. To connect the new display, simply reconnect the 4 new wires and reattach the screws.
    • When the display is secure, turn on the scooter. At this point the speedometer won't work and your display will show low battery. This is normal.
    • Open your Mi Home App and add new scooter. Search for Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro, not M365.
    • Add your scooter, connect it and upgrade to the Pro Firmware.

    Features and Specs

    • Folding Design
    • Dedicated Smartphone App
    • Aluminium Frame
    • High power and capacity battery
    • Air filled Rubber Tyres
    • Front Headlights
    • Rear Brake lights
    • Durable and reliable
    • Weight - 12.2kg
    • Dimensions (LxWxH) - 108cm x 43cm x 114cm
    • Max Speed - ~15.5mph
    • Max Travel Distance - 18.6 Miles
    • Charge time - ~5 hours
    • Headlights - 1.1W Ultra Bright. 6m Range
    • Max Load - 100kg